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I’m Hyunmi112. I don’t know why suddenly I want to write this post, I just want to say I’m really miss all my bestfriends especially 6 my bestfriends here.. Andira, Sinta, Rifka, Banni, Oong, and Winda. Seven girls who always fangirling in a classroom that have function as random place maybe?

We meet as classmates and have same situation where in our class dominated with boy students. Well, because only seven of us that why we’re really close each other and spend two years in high school together. So many random thing that we always do in our classroom like dance practice, play game, watch movies, watch K-Pop, sleep, gossiping (?), sharing foods, and other things.

You gurls are the best! Eventho now we already stay at different places, I hope you gurls never forget about our memories. Two years which full of memories, laugh, cry, sharing each other ever we do together. The memories that only seven of us know well.

Sorry if I’m not really a good friend for you, but for me six of you are really have mean in my life.

I miss you all! ^^


Hyunmi112 or Nisa


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