[Fanfic] Love Fool (Part1)


Main Cast:

  1. Lee Jieun or IU
  2. Lee Byunghun or Teen Top’s L.Joe
  3. Teen Top’s Members

= = = = =

“Straight to the point, would you be my girlfriend?” Ljoe who is sitting, then stand up and looks at a girl in front of him. That girl just looked down when heard Ljoe’s questions. “Arrasseo, you can think about my request first, don’t decide this in hurry. Some things that you need to know, I’m not romantic guy and I’m easily bored with anything.” He looked to that girl again and pulled her chin. “Come on~ Don’t be so serious,” he showed his best smile.

“I don’t need to think, okay I’ll be your girlfriend,” Jieun nodded and avoid that guy’s hand. “Because I like you first, so I’ll take responsibility for my feeling. Don’t worry!” Jieun said when smiled.

“Arrasseo! Kajja, the others must be waiting for us.” Ljoe pulled Jieun’s hand and walk back to practice room join with other Teen Top’s members. Teen Top and IU will perform together to sing a song from SNSD with title “Kissing You” in Inkigayo for this week episode, that why Jieun make her time to come to Top Media office for practice together with boyband that will perform with her later.

“Gomapseumnida!” Teen Top members bowed at same time and say thanks to Jieun before she leaves the practice room. After that, Jieun left the practice room together with her manager.

Drrtt….drrtt…. Jieun’s phone is ringing on the way back to her home.

New message.

From: 조

Still not really far from here? Can you wait me in front of yesterday tteobokki stand?

Jieun read the message and smiled.

To: 조


“Oppa, get me off there, please! Jebal~ I want to meet my old friend who live around here~” Jieun begged to her manager. Finally Jieun get off in front of a tteobokki stand that Ljoe means.

“You must back before 10 P.M., arra? Your mom will nag to me if you’re not back yet at that time,” her manager said.

“Ne, Oppa~ Gomawoyo~” Jieun gave her sweetest smile to her manager.

“Tsk.. don’t smile like that,” her manager just shook his head then leave Jieun alone there.

After ten minutes stand up there, Jieun looks to her phone hope Ljoe call her. Then a guy that she’s waiting for, appeared and patted her back.

“Wait too long?” Ljoe asked. He wore a black cap and hoodie but Jieun still can know his voice.

“Hmm ten minutes. Did you run to here?” Jieun asked.

“That a lie if I say no, kajja~” Ljoe left Jieun and give a sign to follow him.

“Where will we go?”

“Date,” Ljoe answered shortly. Jieun just smiled and follow him. “Can you ride a bike?” he asked again.


“Can or can’t?”

“I can…. a bit,” Jieun answered.

“Actually what can you do well except sing?” Ljoe jokes. He stopped at a place and talk to someone, he’s back to Jieun when ride a bike. “Get on now!” Jieun followed him and get on the bike with a bit worry.

“Slowly, okay?” Jieun said.

“What??” Ljoe asked and pretend didn’t hear that. He ride the bike faster while laughed and make Jieun reflex hugged him. “Haha.. Are you afraid?” Jieun is being silent and closed her eyes tightly because so scared. “Hold tight!”

“Yak, slowly please!!” Jieun hit Ljoe’s back slightly and Ljoe just laughed then make it faster. Jieun hugged him tighter.

“Arra.. arra.. Don’t be afraid, I won’t make you fall,” Ljoe giggled and slowly reduce the speed. They stopped at a pool and sit there. Ljoe took off his shoes and put his foots into the water. “Ah so tired,” he mumbled. Jieun looked to the guy beside her.

“Nuguseyo?” Jieun asked while looking to Ljoe. Ljoe startled with Jieun’s question, the he looked to Jieun. “ I mean, I still don’t know why I like you and why am I here together with you?” Jieun smiled then looked to other side.

“Babo, how can I know? Maybe because of that kiss? Haha,” Ljoe messed Jieun’s hair.

“Ya! I really hate you after that. That’s my first kiss heol…..” Jieun fixed her hair.

“Jeongmal? Woah….” Ljoe amazed with Jieun’s confession. “That’s two years ago, right? And like this, we met again. Aah, don’t think too much~” Ljoe take off Jieun’s shoes then navigate her foots into the water. Jieun just smiled and looked to him carefully. “This is refreshing, rite?” Ljoe smiled again then held Jieun’s hand. Jieun nodded and smiled.

– Two years ago-

“Sir, can you help me?” Jieun asked to a guy who just get off from his motorcycle.

“Sorry, who are you? And why should I help you?” That guy asked back to Jieun who panting because ran for long time before.

“Someone is chasing me and wanna kidnap me, please bring me away from here,” Jieun showed her pitiful face and begging for help. That guy looks like thinking. “Sir, please~” suddenly some guys with black coat come. “That’s them!” That guy pulled Jieun’s chin.


“Yak, what are you doing?” Jieun looks scared because those guy already come to them. When those guys are coming, that guy pulls Jieun and pushes her to wall and make Jieun hides between his arms and kiss the tip of her lips. Jieun just being silent because shocked with what this guy is doing to her.

“Woah This is LA, they can do anything even in public ckck,” one of those bodyguard said.

“Haha, you want too? Don’t be amazed, this is LA. Just forget it, we must found her faster.” They go to other side and staring a bit to two person who look like kissing.

“Yak, mwoya???” Jieun got her sense back after those bodyguards gone. Jieun push that guy in reflex and slap his cheek.

“Sshh…” that guy winced after got slapped from Jieun.

“How dare you do that, I told you to help me but why must with that way?” Jieun rub her lips with her thumb and looks angry.

“Tsk, jeongmal.. You’re really don’t know how to say thanks?” That guy start angry too.

“Mwo….mwo so you’re Korean? Woah so you try to get advantage from me?” Jieun looks really angry.

“Hey miss, you make me do that, think it! What can I do to help you away from here? You know? My tire is deflated,” that guy start nag to Jieun. “And anyway, I’m not interest to a girl who don’t have nose like you haha.” That guy walk away and leave Jieun who speechless with his words.

“Yak neo!! Your height even less than 170!” Jieun shouted. That guy turned around and walk back to Jieun.


“Mwo?” Jieun raise her head even she’s a bit afraid see that guy’s anger and looks obvious from his eyes. That guy is showing sarcasm and suddenly his phone and Jieun’s phone are ringing at same time. Jieun and that guys search their phone in their pocket.

“Ne eomonim?”

“Ne eomma?” they answered the calls at same times and make they look each other. “Ne, mianhaeyo~ hmm..” Jieun pouted when answer the call. “Arasseoyo~” she’s hang up the call.

= = = = =

-The day for IU feat. Teen Top performance-

At backstage

“Are you nervous, noona?” Niel come closer to Jieun who sitting alone when other members busy do preparation. Jieun chuckled.

“Am I look nervous?” Jieun chuckled again. “Are you nervous?” Jieun asked back.

“Hehe a bit, I feel like my voice will cracked up again,” Niel giggled.

Jieun patted Niel’s shoulder. “Do your best! Hwaiting~!” Jieun raised her hand and smiled to Niel. Without they realized, someone was staring to them secretly.

Niel and Jieun keep joke together and be closer each other. They even practiced sing together because Chunji still doing preparation. “Niel, come here! You haven’t done your make up,” Ljoe shouted.

“Ah, ne hyung!” Niel replied. “Noona, I must go to there first. Thank you to teach me,” Niel smiled to Jieun then go to there.

Drrtt….drrtt…. Jieun phone is ringing.

From: 조

I’ll wait you at outside.

Jieun looked to Ljoe who give code to follow him. Then Jieun followed him and they meet each other. Already 3 days since last time they met.

“Don’t you miss me?” Ljoe talked first.

“Ne?” Jieun looked to him and pretend to don’t miss him but actually she does. “Aniyo.”

“Really?” Ljoe chuckled. But your expression seems different. Ljoe patted Jieun’s head. “Do your best today, sunbaenim!” Ljoe chuckled again.

“Mwoya?” Jieun chuckled too. Ljoe looked around to make sure no one see them then kissed Jieun’s forehead. Jieun blushed and make Ljoe coughed. “You look handsome with that glasses.” Jieun continued.

“Ah.. Thank you,” Ljoe grins and both of them suddenly be silent. “Eum… Should we back to inside now?” Ljoe rubs side of her neck playfully and Jieun nodded.


to be continued



Sorry for bad grammar, this is first time I write in English. And for first time too I use real cast for be paired.
Sorry if anyone hate that but this is my personal favorite pairing and all the story only from my imagination. My very first fanfiction after more than 2 years vacum. And for “Be Mine”, To be honest I don’t have any idea to continue the story ^^




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  1. wow~ it’s really a sweet love story ^^ please continue it 😀 and i’d like to appear there as changjo’s girlfriend *ups* >.<

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